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The Information Technology (IT) program provides a technical education at an Associate of Applied Science degree level.  Its broad based curriculum offers instruction in, and practical application of, a variety of technical concepts and practices.  The courses in the program include: Management Information Systems; PC Repair and Troubleshooting; Operating Systems; Networking; Programming Language; Designing a Web page; Internship or Capstone; and Business Applications of Computers.

(For more information, contact Seyed Mirkhani, Division Chair for Business, Computer and Information Technology, at 1-877-982-2322; or 304-434-8000.)

Successful completion of the IT program will allow graduates to enter the workforce at the technician level, prepared to

  • troubleshoot, service and repair computers
  • interface hardware/software
  • operating systems
  • design websites
  • database management
  • analyze systems used in industry and business.

Graduates are qualified for employment opportunities in:

  • PC Maintenance
  • ‘Help Desk’ and Technical Support
  • Database Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Web page Design
  • Business Applications of Computers.

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Information Technology: Associate in Applied Science Degree (60 Semester Hours): [<--click here for Degree course sequence with programming and IT electives]

Program Implementation: Full-time Day


Students enrolled in this program may be eligible for related Skill Set Certifications.  Students should contact their academic program advisor or refer to the Skill Set section in the catalog for additional information.


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Information Technology Certificate (30 Credit Hours): [<--click here for Certificate course sequence with Core electives] 

Program Implementation:  Full-time Day  

 Upon successful completion of the Information Technology certificate program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Design an interactive website
  • Perform routine maintenance and repairs on the PC’s hardware
  • Manage data using database software
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of business organization and procedures
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge regarding information systems

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Skill Set – Information Technology (Articulated/Transfer Credit): [<--click here for Skill Set course sequences]

Students who have completed A+ Certification elsewhere prior to beginning their coursework at Eastern, may request up to 6 articulated credit hours if they pass the industry standard certification test. (For details, contact Seyed Mirkhani, Division Chair for Business, Computer and Information Technology, at 1-877-982-2322; or 304-434-8000.)

Upon successful completion of the skill set, students will be able to:

  • Perform routine maintenance and repairs on the personal computer
  • Install and troubleshoot programs
  • Secure personal computer and local area network
  • Troubleshoot printer and scanner


Gainful Employment Information: 


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