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Library Services

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College (Eastern) is committed to supporting the College's mission as a state supported institution of learning by providing convenient, effective access to high quality library services. 

Eastern provides access to online library resources and databases through an agreement with Southern WV Community and Technical College. Through the online library services, students can obtain assistance from a professional reference librarian. The reference librarian can assist students with finding library resources and completing research projects.

To schedule an appointment with a reference librarian, Eastern students must contact Kim Maynard (Director of Southern WV Community and Technical College Library Services). Ms. Maynard may be contacted by phone (304-896-7345) or email (kimm@southern.wvnet.edu ).

In keeping with its mission, EWVCTC provides the following library services:

Electronic Databases College Interlibrary Loan Public Interlibrary Loan
Additional Library Links

Electronic Databases

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InfoTrac by Gale

For any of the InfoTrac databases, students may get Password Information by email from Laurel Godlove (Eastern's Academic Services Coordinator) at Eastern's Moorefield Center.
Or contact her by phone: (304-434-8000 or toll free 877-982-2322) to obtain password information.

Most of the InfoTrac by Gale resources are easy and intuitive to use. For those wishing additional assistance, video tutorials on these online resources are available: click here InfoTrac by Gale Tutorials.

Expanded Academic —
ASAP InfoTrac

Gale Business Insights: Global Gale Opposing Views In Context   Literature Resource Center Nursing Research Center Nursing and Allied Health


   Gale's Expanded Academic ASAP icon: a red apple on an open book Expanded Academic  ASAP InfoTrac

This resource provides 24/7 access to journals and periodicals of every academic concentration – "from advertising and microbiology to history and women's studies, from social science, humanities and politics to medicine, general interest and science

  • More than 5,200 indexed and more than 3,000 full-text titles
  • More than 3,500 peer-reviewed journals
  • More than 25 years of backfile coverage

 InfoTrac Expanded Academic-ASAP [<click here].

The link above opens the Eastern's log-in page on the InfoTrac Expanded Academic-ASAP website, and clicking "proceed" there opens the database access. 

Click here→ for video tutorials on the Expanded Academic resource.

   Gale's Business Insights: Global icon - a development of high rises, homes, stores and a park   Gale Business Insights: Global

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Business Insights Global provides ready access to a wide scope of understandable learning materials, including:

  • case studies
  • statistical data sources
  • news articles
  • academic journals
  • topical reference materials organized by country, company and industry.

It offers a global outlook with advanced research tools that quickly connects users to the global business environment, and allows rapid progress to deeper understanding.

Gale Business Insights: Global [<click here]  

Click here→ for video tutorials on the Business Insights resource.

   Gale's Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center: Critical Thinking icon -  a skull in shadow with violet and brick cerebral gears  Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Opposing Viewpoints in Context  offers cross-curricular coverage of current social issues for a wide range of subject matter, from science and social studies, to current events and language arts, and more. From capital punishment to immigration, to gun laws and violent video games, this balanced resource exposes students to each side of controversial issues using content from acknowledged experts and leading journalists. It leads students to develop critical thinking skills and arrive at their own points-of-view.

  • 19,000+ pro/con viewpoints
  • 13,000+ topic overviews
  • 1,000+ court case overviews
  • 300+ profiles of federal agencies and special-interest group
  • Videos, podcasts and streaming audio
  • Searchable image galleries
  • National and global news sources
  • Full-text articles from authoritative sources
  • Interactive maps
  • More than 12,500 charts and graphs, along with other statistical information

Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context [<—click here]   

Click here→ for video tutorials on the Opposing Viewpoints resource.

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   Gale's Literature Resource Center icon - a page of text in calligraphy  Literature Resource Center

Literature Resource Center offers a comprehensive and up-to-date literature database, with deep wells of information on authors, their works, and literary movements. This resource covers all genres and discipline throughout the world, embracing all periods. It provides access to full-text articles from scholarly journals and literary magazines, as well as critical essays, work and topic overviews, full-text works, biographies, and more. 

Literature Resource Center [<click here]   

Click here→ for video tutorials on the Literature Center resource.


  Gale's Nursing Resource Center icon - the sympathetic face of a nurse   Nursing Research Center 

This resource offers nursing students ready access to the best reference works and textbooks in the field. For research papers and basic nursing theory overviews, it allows them to search through an ample amount of content, including access to:

  • animated depictions of human anatomy
  • sample care plans
  • multimedia content
  • full text reference books
  • citations to journals in the field
  • and more.

Some included titles:

  • Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health, 2nd edition
  • PDR Nurses Drug Handbook
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine,3rd edition
  • Foundations of Basic Nursing, Delmar
  • Maternity Nursing Care, Delmar
  • Delmar’s Pediatric Nursing Care Plans
  • Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying
  • Many more  

Nursing Research Center [<click here]   

Click here→ for video tutorials on the Nursing Research resource.

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  Gale's Nursing & Allied Health icon - a stethoscope, reflex hammer, tongue depressor and otoscope    Nursing and Allied Health 

This resource offers access to nearly 6 million articles from more than 1,000 journals, covering the specialized care, treatment and management of patients across the spectrum. It provides detailed discussions for nearly all nursing problems and situations, including:

  • Caring for AIDS patients
  • Dealing with accident and trauma victims
  • Supporting cardiovascular surgery
  • Giving emergency care
  • Developing policy
  • Providing neonatal care
  • Relieving pain
  • Serving the elderly
  • Administering CPR
  • Delivering babies
  • Operating specialized equipment
  • Keeping records
  • Much more

Nursing and Allied Health [<—click here]  

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NOTE: To access the following EBSCO resources from off-campus, students should enter their Student ID as the Patron ID. If accessing these resources from on-campus, students will not be asked to enter a Patron ID.

Academic Search Complete Applied Science & Technology Source  CINAHL Complete eBook Community College Collection
Designed for academic institutions, this database is a leading resource for scholarly research. It supports high-level research in the key areas of academic study by providing journals, periodicals, reports, books and more.
This database offers a diverse array of full-text and indexed content covering the full spectrum of the applied sciences and computing disciplines — from acoustics to aeronautics, neural networks to nuclear engineering. 
This is the definitive research tool for nursing and allied health professionals. With CINAHL Complete, users get fast and easy full-text access to top journals, evidence-based care sheets, quick lessons and more. Take a few minutes to evaluate all that CINAHL Complete has to offer and you’ll see why hundreds of thousands of nurses and allied health professionals rely on this essential resource.
This growing subscription package contains a large selection of multidisciplinary e-books representing a broad range of academic subjects. The breadth of information available through this package ensures that students and scholars will have access to information relevant to their research needs.

 College Source Online: [<-click here]

A database providing access to more than 40, 000 college catalogs and more than 35,000,000 course descriptions.


Interlibrary Loan

College Interlibrary Loan Service via
Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College
Public Library
Interlibrary Loan Services via
WV Library Commission

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College provides Interlibrary loan service to all students from several sources.

Interlibrary Loan: via Southern WV Community and Technical College

To access Interlibrary Loan Services through Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, follow these instructions:

1. Find the material you want to borrow on Southern's On-line Library Catalog:http://southernwv.edu/library
2. Fill out a Southern Interlibrary Loan Request Form [<-click here] and submit it to Laurel Godlove, Academic Services Coordinator at Eastern. Phone: (304) 434-8000 Ext. 9244 Email: lgodlove@eastern.wvnet.edu.

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3. Give your Southern Interlibrary Loan Request Form to the Academic Services Program Coordinator. Phone: (304) 434-8000 Ext. 9244 Email: Laurel Godlove.
4. Within a week, your requested material will be mailed to Eastern and can be picked up by contacting the Academic Services Program Coordinator. Phone: (304) 434-8000 Ext. 9244 Email: Laurel Godlove.
5. Please return your requested material five days before its due date. Eastern is responsible for return shipment and in order to avoid overdue fines, you must return your requested material early. You are responsible for all late fees, special mailing fees to meet due dates, or replacement costs for materials not returned. A hold will be placed on your student record for all past due materials.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need special assistance from a reference librarian, call Southern's library at 304-792-7098 or email Kim Maynard (Head of Southern Library Services) to request your reference material.

Interlibrary Loan: Public Libraries

The West Virginia Library Commission provides Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Services through the Statewide ILL Request System. Interested users can fill out the form provided on the Statewide ILL Request System to make loan requests.

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Additional Library Links

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