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“The New Reality”

Eastern President Charles 'Chuck'Terrell

I am overwhelmed with the number and variety of reality TV shows that depict good and bad choices/behavior. Personally, I prefer to watch home improvement, historical and other programming that provide a meaningful message. Yes, my wife and sons call me a nerd. But seriously, this is a teaching moment and as an educator I'm going to take advantage of it.
We live in a digital age where good and bad information is readily available through a variety of mobile devices and I find myself saying, when I do not have an answer to a question, let me Google that! News and information is at our fingertips 24 hours a day.  
Here is the new reality. Education today is critically important for personal success and it is as widely available as the news, if not more. We live in a global economy, yet living the American Dream is important to us living in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. You can Find the American Dream in rural West Virginia at Eastern through a variety of options that include short-term training, skill development, university transfer opportunities, etc.  There are so many choices and opportunities waiting for you!
I know that taking the first step is the hardest. I've been there. We make excuses, not enough money, time, etc. Excuses are convenient; making a commitment to follow a new path or embark on a new personal goal is harder.  Or, is it?
Discovering YOUR Potential is EASY at Eastern. Download Eastern’s free mobile app, complete an online application, watch a video on our YouTube channel and/or visit our new website! And..our staff and faculty are student and military friendly! I encourage you, your friends and your family to visit the college’s beautiful campus to discover their potential too!
Stop watching someone else’s reality and invest time into creating your “new reality” at Eastern! 
Dr. T

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Dr. Chuck Terrell, President & "Head Coach" 

Your Future Is Bright — Discover Your Potential!


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