Cyber Intelligence (z) Program

•  60 Credit Hours

A (z) program does not require the purchase of books to help reduce costs. All learning materials and resources are provided as part of the program tuition and fees.

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The institution's ability to launch this program is contingent on HLC approval.

2 Year Degree & 1 Year Certificate

Associate in Applied Science • 60 Credit Hours

Certificate in Applied Science • 30 Credit Hours

Program Overview

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Cyber Intelligence, along with the Certificate in Applied Science in Cyber Intelligence and Micro-Credentials in Cyber Security and Cybercrime Investigations, forge a robust educational pathway for those eager to dive into the cybersecurity realm. This multifaceted program is meticulously engineered to arm students with a diverse skill set, enabling them to safeguard digital ecosystems, unravel the mysteries of cybercrimes, and secure critical data.

Embarking on this academic journey requires no previous experience; only a fervent interest in technology and an insatiable desire to learn. The curriculum seamlessly integrates theoretical underpinnings with dynamic hands-on experience in a range of pertinent areas, including network defense strategies, digital forensic science, encryption techniques, ethical intrusion testing, and the jurisprudence of cyberspace.

The program transcends traditional education through coveted Micro-Credentials in Cyber Security and Cybercrime Investigations, which sharpen focus on specialized sectors of the industry. In the latter part of the program, students can immerse themselves in real-world scenarios via one or more internships or fellowships at the esteemed Cyber Defense and Intelligence Center, courtesy of Eastern's partnership. There, they will partake in frontline defense and intelligence work, providing critical insights to a multitude of stakeholders within both the public and private sectors. This unique combination of credentials offers a comprehensive educational foundation for future leaders in the increasingly critical and sophisticated field of cybersecurity.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Cyber Intelligence (z) program, graduates will be able to:

  • Pinpoint system weaknesses
  • Devise risk reduction strategies
  • Manage cyber threats with precision
  • Develop a profound comprehension of the complex legal and ethical frameworks governing cybersecurity.

Potential Careers

The Cyber Intelligence (z) program gives graduates a solid foundation for many positions in the industry, such as:

  • Cybersecurity Analysts
  • Digital Forensic Experts
  • Chief Information Security Officers

Program Implementation

Full-time online. (Students attending part-time should see an advisor for recommended course sequencing.)

Meet Your Instructor!

Jonathan Williams

Cyber Security Program Coordinator/IT Faculty

"Jonathan Williams is a titan in the intersecting worlds of law enforcement, government, and military service, with a career spanning more than 25 years that is best described as a relentless pursuit of excellence. His story unfolds from the streets as a patrol officer, where he took his first steps in the labyrinth of law enforcement, to the intricate field of forensics, where he honed his expertise in the meticulous examination of both physical and digital evidence.

portrait of a man

Alongside his professional ascent, Williams has cultivated a rich academic garden, flourishing with an impressive trio of degrees. This includes a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, a tech-forward Bachelor of Science in Information Technology specializing in Digital Forensics, and a Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security, which together form a robust foundation for his intellectual prowess. His academic laurels are bolstered by an array of distinguished certifications, such as the CCNA Sec+, CCNA, CCENT, A+, ACE, EnCE, Certified Data Recovery Expert, and certifications dedicated to foundational and advanced cryptocurrency investigations.

In his storied career, Williams has ventured through the challenging landscapes of both the federal government and the private sector. His notable roles include pivotal positions such as a Computer Forensics Specialist and a Chief Investigations Officer, where he shined by crafting groundbreaking methodologies to untangle the complex web of cybercrimes associated with blockchain assets valued between 2 to 3 billion dollars.

His expertise is not just theoretical; Williams holds the fort as a formidable bastion with a decade of cyber intelligence experience under his belt gained through contracting with agencies such as the DOD, CIA, and FBI. His commitment to sharing knowledge has seen him mentor hundreds, if not over a thousand in navigating the complexities of the surface, deep, and dark web. An avid academic, he has poured into research, particularly dissecting topics on cybersecurity, blockchain technology, and the anatomy of cybercrime.

Jonathan Williams is not just a participant in the field of cyber investigations but a luminary, often seen illuminating the stages of global conferences with his insights and forward-thinking projections. It's in this realm of thought leadership and innovative problem-solving that he has made his mark, always with an eye on the prize: preserving the digital sanctity of society against cyber threats.

As the Executive Director of the Cyber Defense and Intelligence Center, he orchestrates a symphony of strategic initiatives to outpace and outmaneuver cyber adversaries. His multifaceted expertise in cybersecurity, intricate blockchain investigations, and cutting-edge computer forensics positions him not just at the forefront but as the vanguard of the ceaseless fight against cybercrime, securing his legacy as an unmatched authority in the cyber realm as a Cyber Intelligence Program Coordinator at Eastern WV Community and Technical College."

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Tuition Rates Eastern WV 2-Year Colleges WV 4-Year Colleges
West Virginia Residents $4,128 $4,776 $12,410
Non-Residents $8,520 $10,152 $26,096

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Admissions Requirements

Eastern adheres to an open admission policy which means applications with a high school diploma or GED are eligible for admission.