Getting Started at Eastern

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Eastern offers a wide range of programs that are offered on- and off-campus, at worksites, in public schools, through distance learning formats, and at times convenient for community residents. We specialize in training you for your career through hands-on learning experiences and aim to increase your success by supplying personal attention to your goals, flexible scheduling, free tutoring services, peer coaches, advisors, and industry experts as instructors, all of whom are here to help guide your every step.

Eastern maintains formal relationships with accredited colleges and universities to provide students with degree completion and coordinated learning opportunities through brokering courses and programs and the use of the latest technology.

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Fund Your Future

Eastern is committed to providing affordable, quality education for all. That's why we offer the most affordable cost of attendance in West Virginia. Even with Eastern's affordable tuition and fees, there are many financial aid opportunities available to make your future affordable and accessible. You may even qualify for free tuition and fees with the West Virginia Invests Grant Program.