Michael Moore Scholarship

image of Michael Moore

About the Scholarship

Michael Moore was a college roommate and best friend of Curtis Hakala, dean of academic services at Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College. Michael unexpectedly passed away due to an undiagnosed heart abnormality. He inspired Curtis to continue working hard toward his educational goals.

This scholarship was created in Michael's honor to allow high school students in Hardy, Hampshire, and Grant counties to receive free college credit and get a head start on their own educational dreams.

The Michael Moore Scholarship will be awarded to the following students qualified to enroll in Early Entrance classes while attending high school in Hardy, Hampshire, or Grant County.

  • Hardy County (two students): $750 per term
  • Hampshire County (one student): $500 per term
  • Grant County (one student): $500 per term.

The scholarship is to be applied towards the recipient's tuition, books and fees for one academic year. To apply, students must meet the following basic requirements:

  • A resident of Hardy County, Hampshire, or Grant counties (WV).
  • A person who is active in his/her local community, giving back to and/or helping make their community a better place
  • High school cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • A junior or senior at a High School in Hardy, Hampshire, or Grant Counties.
  • Enrolled for a minimum of two Early Entrance classes per semester at Eastern
  • Fulfill two recruitment events for the college

Preference is given to first-generation students planning on attending a higher education institution (e.g. parents have no more than a high school degree). There are no restrictions on field of study (e.g., technology, computer science, business, science, math, etc.).

The application deadline for the Michael Moore Scholarship is the first Friday in August of each calendar year.