Foundation Policies

Fundraising Policy

The purpose of the Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation) is to support the college's mission by securing funds for scholarships, faculty development and capital projects; enhancing the community's awareness of the college; and providing prudent fiscal management of monies and properties submitted to the Foundation.

While the Foundation encourages faculty, staff and organizations to seek money, items, or services from the community that will improve the college, it is important to note that asking the public to support Eastern requires an orchestrated effort on all of our parts. For instance, before you approach your potential contributor you need to know if someone else at Eastern has already approached them for a different project. Soliciting a potential donor for two or more different efforts will immediately produce a negative donor response. By making the Foundation aware of your plans, the President will be able to coordinate the various fund-raising efforts and help ensure your efforts are successful. Additionally, the Foundation has a different tax status than the college. This means that donors may receive a tax deduction for their donation, which is a very attractive and persuasive opportunity for the donor.

Before engaging in a fundraising effort please note and comply with the following:

  1. Please complete the following "Fund Raising Proposal" form and send it to the Foundation, Inc. before beginning a fund-raising effort. Once your effort is finished, please complete and send in the bottom portion of the form.
  2. Eastern President will assist any faculty, staff, students and/or organizations with their fund-raising efforts.
  3. Any gift received must fit within the guidelines of Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College Foundation Gift Acceptance Policy on the pages following the proposal form.
  4. All donations should be made in the name of the Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College Foundation. Please advise donors that their gifts are tax-deductible, within the limits of the IRS regulations, and that they will receive an official gift receipt letter from the Foundation, Inc. upon receipt of their gift. (Note: The Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College Foundation is 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization and the tax identification number is 55-0773642).

Eastern West Virginia Community College Foundation

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