Eastern, ACM Showcase Industrial Training to Mineral County Students

LaVale, Md. – Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College (Eastern) and Allegany College of Maryland (ACM) toured Mineral County Technical Center (MCTC) juniors and seniors around ACM’s state-of-the-art Western Maryland Works Training Center and Makerspace on Thursday, April 25; Loretta Lawson, principal of MCTC, Jim Spurling, Project Lead the Way engineering instructor, and Gary Trail, special populations instructor, chaperoned the student’s attendance.

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(l-r) Tiffany Sentman, Student Services Program Coordinator at Eastern, Robert Prosser, Engineering Adjunct for ACM, Dixie Heavener, Title III Project Director & Career Counselor at Eastern, Dr. Jennifer Light, Program Director of Industrial Technologies at ACM, Dakota Preston, Jeremy Meek, Mason Shears, Stephanie Miller, Brady Brown, Wyatt Shay, Loretta Lawson, Principal of MCTC, Wyatt Barger, Logan Jones, Josh Kephart, Kristopher Bean, Wyatt Cannon, Christopher Evans, Emily Price, Matt Sherman, Nate Kresge, Nathanial Sumers, Jim Spurling, Project Lead the Way engineering instructor, Kenneth Weikert, Eileen Sindledecker, Assistant to the County Administrator for the Mineral County Commission, Stephanie Nickerson, Office Manager for the Mineral County Development Authority, Gary Trail, Special Populations instructor, Lauren Arbaugh, Workforce Education Program Coordinator at Eastern, and Dr. Megan Webb, Dean of Advancement & Innovation.

“The Mineral County Technical Center has always had a great working relationship with Eastern College. From job fairs, showcase innovations, farm fellowship, AGEE online classes, and workforce education have given our students an additional pathway to post-secondary training,” said Lawson, principal of MCTC, “Many of these trainings include financial assistance with all or some of the costs paid. We look forward to future collaborations and student opportunities to help foster success for all students.”

The tour consisted of students visiting each training area housed at the facility, including; welding, 3D printing, digital fabrication, woodworking, industrial maintenance, advanced manufacturing, and more. Eastern and ACM formed a partnership in August 2022, for Industrial Maintenance training. This allows Eastern students to complete their courses by using the facilities and equipment at Western Maryland Works. Robert Prosser, engineering adjunct for ACM, gave a demonstration of the welding equipment, which ended in applause from the students.

“We are eager to share the various credit and non-credit programs available to students at our Western Maryland Works facility,” said Dr. Jennifer Light, program director of Industrial Technologies, “Allegany College of Maryland continues to partner with Eastern WV Community and Technical College so that local high school students can explore our hands-on programs, providing various opportunities to earn several industry-recognized credentials, certifications, and degrees.”

The core industrial maintenance programs available to Eastern students are Maintenance Operations, Basic Mechanical, Basic Hydraulic Systems, Basic Pneumatic Systems, Electrical Systems I & II, Electrical Control Systems I & II, Process Control Systems, Maintenance Welding, and Maintenance Piping.

“The ACM Facility serves as an invaluable resource for Mineral County students, offering them a clear pathway of learning and to remain within their community and pursue rewarding careers locally, including opportunities with organizations like Northrop Grumman,” said Stephanie Nickerson, office manager for the Mineral County Development Authority, “By providing the skills, knowledge, and certifications, it enables students to build their futures while contributing to the economic and social fabric of their hometown, it will provide a thriving ecosystem of talent and opportunity within the region.

West Virginia residents who register for any of these industrial maintenance trainings through Eastern may be eligible for financial support through the Higher Education Adult Part-Time Student (HEAPS) Workforce Development program. Eligible HEAPS students may receive up to $2,000 in funding to use for tuition, required testing, and required supplies. West Virginia residents interested in the industrial training program at Western Maryland Works can learn more at https://easternwv.edu/workforce-education, call 304-434-8000, or email WorkforceED@easternwv.edu.

About Eastern
Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College, based in Moorefield, serves six counties in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia and offers academic programs and workforce training. Learn more about Eastern at https://easternwv.edu

About Allegany College of Maryland
Allegany College of Maryland, based in Cumberland, offers a wide range of academic credit, workforce, and continuing education programs, with operations in seven locations across Allegany and Garrett counties in Maryland, as well as Bedford and Somerset counties in Pennsylvania. Learn more about ACM at https://www.allegany.edu/

About Western Maryland Works
Western Maryland Works, at 37 Lane Ave. in LaVale, is an Allegany College of Maryland educational site that houses more than $3.5 million in state-of-the-art equipment. Learn more about the history of the facility and its available programs and equipment at https://www.allegany.edu/western-maryland-works/