Eastern Announces Tina Metzer as Launchpad Executive Director

Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College and the Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship and
Economic Development (IREED) are pleased to announce Tina Metzer as the Executive Director of the
New Biz Launchpad. The New Biz Launchpad, a project of Eastern’s Foundation, develops entrepreneurial opportunities for the Potomac Highlands’ six counties including Hardy, Grant, Tucker, Mineral, Hampshire, and Pendleton.

“As a single mom, growing up in Mathias, and as an entrepreneur, few people understand better the
challenges and opportunities for rural entrepreneurship in our region than Ms. Metzer,” said Dr. Chuck
Terrell, President of Eastern.

“Growing up in Hardy County, I have watched as young people in our region (along with greater West
Virginia) see few opportunities and move out of the state,” said Tina Metzer. “I was one of those people
who moved away to find more opportunity, however, I moved back in 2001. As the Executive Director, I
hope to assist our region in exploring the rewards and opportunities a path of entrepreneurship can
provide. I look forward to developing a future where Appalachia is a region known for innovation,
collaboration, employment, and resiliency.”

Started in 2015, the New Biz Launchpad has engaged more than 4,000 students across the Potomac
Highlands to encourage them to think about opportunities that may come from starting a new business.
The Launchpad has also worked across the region with hundreds of new and existing businesses to
provide complimentary workshops, coaching, mentoring, and an Annual AG Tech Showcase.
“As the Executive Director of the New Biz Launchpad, Ms. Metzer brings a significant entrepreneurial
and business experience from non-profits to the private sector,” said Joe Kapp, Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Eastern.

With her own entrepreneurial venture, Attic Books and Promotions, Ms. Metzer, coordinated an array of
authors, booksellers, and resellers to market products online and specialized in rare, out of print books,
vintage magazines, and ephemera. In addition, Ms. Metzer has worked for many years in the nonprofit
sector as well as an HR Manager. Ms. Metzer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Bridgewater
College and a Master of Science Degree in Human Resources from Towson State University.
In 2016, the Launchpad started Skybrook LLC – a student-run store to give our region’s students a
firsthand learning opportunity on entrepreneurship, where students can learn the mechanics of starting
and running a business. The New Biz Launchpad was created to spur local, regional and West Virginiawide entrepreneurship education.

Since 2014 the team has brought in more than $3.5 million in grant funding to support entrepreneurship
in the Potomac Highlands and West Virginia more broadly. The importance of working together cannot
be stressed enough in all of our entrepreneurial endeavors. If you are interested learning about our
regional workshops, in starting a business, or would like to attend our monthly Ag Action meeting,
please contact Tina Metzer at 304-897-2007 or tina.metzer@easternwv.edu
or www.facebook.com/NewBizLaunchpad

Read the release here.

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