Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College Forges Partnership with ISMS

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College (Eastern) is proud to announce their partnership with Washington DC-based technology firm ISMS Solutions, LLC, resulting in a joint effort to effectively relocate the company’s headquarters and operations to its campus in Moorefield.

Dr. Charles Terrell, Eastern’s president, is thrilled to announce this move of ISMS’ corporate headquarters and operations to the campus, stating “This partnership will allow for ongoing collaboration between our students and the developers at ISMS, while also strengthening the economy in Moorefield.” This joint endeavor will also effectively enable the college to provide career training in these respective fields to its students and the community, a common vision shared by both parties.

ISMS has already made significant contributions to Eastern students by promoting careers in the fields of cybersecurity and auditing through various events held on campus. Dr. Terrell adds that “this joint partnership will allow further learning opportunities for our students and we look forward to the ongoing events that ISMS will hold to benefit our students and the community as part of our ongoing partnership”.

ISMS Solutions specializes in helping its clients, many of which are small to mid-sized businesses within the government contracting sector, identify and implement International Standards Organization (ISO). The company also aides its clientele with pre-audit and ongoing compliance solutions, as defined and regulated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – the US government’s regulatory agency that oversees these requirements in accordance with modern-day technology. In addition to the government entities, which the company regularly serves, ISMS also provides its consulting services for both public institutions and private firms.

Further to its credit, ISMS has been a pioneer in the development and creation of proprietary web-based platforms that allow its users to evaluate the strength of applied cyber-security programs – an essential in this day and age of major corporate security breaches – as well as quality controls through the use of machine learning; otherwise known as AI, or, Artificial Intelligence.

A recent statement issued on behalf of ISMS states that the company and its team are “committed to recruiting and training the next generation of cybersecurity and quality control auditors out of the new Moorefield, West Virginia location.” In addition, ISMS will soon host an open-house event on campus for Eastern students, as well as plan and implement regularly-scheduled events, with the goal of [training] “the next generation of cybersecurity auditors”.

For more information on this joint and collaborative mission between EWVCTC and ISMS please contact:
Elizabeth Pennell at epennell@ismssolutions.com. In addition, inquiries may also be sent to Mitch Mello at mmello@ismssolutions.com.