ATHENS, WV – Concord University and Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College (Eastern WVCTC) have entered into a collaborative agreement, in which Concord will provide the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education program to Eastern WVCTC students. Students will be required to complete the Eastern Associate in Science (A.S.) with a concentration in the Elementary Education classes offered at Concord. Students will spend two years at Eastern WVCTC and two years at Concord to complete the degree, which will also earn them a teaching certificate for West Virginia.
Since the coursework is available online, this program increases accessibility to students who live outside the area. In addition to the online coursework, the program includes student teaching in the classroom.
Monica Wilson, Interim VP of Academics & Student Services at Eastern WVCTC says of the agreement, “Our partnership with Concord University and Eastern offers adaptable online coursework, enabling students with hectic schedules to pursue their love for elementary education without compromising their obligations. We’re excited about the potential this collaboration offers! As we broaden access to education in elementary studies, we’re also eager to embark on future collaborations across other program domains.”

Andrea Campbell, Department Chair and Director of Teacher Education at Concord University, says of the program, “We are excited to offer increased accessibility to our online elementary education program beyond our geographical region in WV. This agreement will provide accessibility to individuals who have professional goals they cannot reach by attending classes on campus during the day while working to provide for their families. Additionally, by being a state institution, Concord is aligned with WV teaching licensure requirements that outside online entities may not be as familiar with.” For more information, please contact Dr. Campbell at 304-384-5362 or

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