Upcoming Diversity Seminar at EWVCTC to Feature Motivational Speaker Janet Edmunson

Flip Negativity
with Janet Edmunson, motivational speaker, consultant,
writer and health promotion professional

You’ve probably felt the impact of frustrations and negativity in your work environment, which can deduce productivity and hamper employee engagement. In this webinar, you will have an opportunity to learn practical ways to flip that negativity and develop a new perspective and way of thinking. We all fall into some nonconstructive patterns from time-to-time. But when these become persistent, they can deteriorate the positive, high performing culture you are trying to build. Janet will share techniques on how to flip the negativity, embrace adversity, tame irrational thinking patterns and stop the worry. She will describe specific workplace examples to illustrate practices and strategies that work. You can then apply these at the individual, team as well as cultural levels.

When: February 27 at 12 noon
Where: Room 104B
Cost: Free to attend
RSVP: To Monica Wilson by Feb. 20 at (303) 434-8000, ext. 9235 or monica.wilson@easternwv.edu

See flyer below.