Workforce Student Success: Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez completed the Pharmacy Technician program in 2022 and is now licensed and working in this field!


Maria Martinez

Workforce training program(s) completed at Eastern:

  • 2022 – Pharmacy Technician

Are you still taking training programs? If so, where and what training are you working toward?


Current Employer/Job (if applicable):

South Fork Pharmacy

What is something you learned (knowledge, training, skills) during Eastern’s Workforce training program that you utilize in your workplace and/or current training?

I learned the pharmacy laws and the proper names for medications!

Did trainers/instructors/staff at Eastern contribute to your career success? How did they help you?

Yes, they helped me to prepare and gain knowledge for what I do now as a Pharmacy Technician!

What advice would you give to current Workforce students at Eastern who are looking to follow a similar path to a job?

Don’t give up on having a career; you can do anything you set your mind to!

Please feel free to share recent accomplishments and achievements in the workforce (within the last year): including projects, awards, and any relevant information.

Because of Eastern and this program, I am a licensed Pharmacy Technician!

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