Dialysis Technician

•  45 Course Contact Hours

Learn the knowledge and skills needed to become a dialysis technician in less than a semester!

Program Schedule

11-Week Program.

Pre-requisite: Medical Terminology or approval from advisor.

Program Costs


*Rates include books and supplies. Rates are for 2022-2023 and are subject to change. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Meet Your Instructor

Jennifer Wakefield

Jennifer Wakefield began a career in dialysis over 15 years ago. With 20 plus combined years in the healthcare industry, Wakefield enjoys sharing her vast knowledge and love for the field, dialysis in particular.

When she’s not teaching or working as a medical assistant for a small medical practice, Wakefield can be found hitting a hiking trail with her two pups Audrey and Crouton, or off on an adventure with her boyfriend.

“I love seeing the satisfaction on students faces when they master a skill or complete a challenge,” Wakefield said. “The greatest gift we give patients is comfort and understanding in times of medical distress. Healthcare is truly one of the most rewarding career paths and I look forward to many more years helping students start their journey.”

Jennifer Wakefield