Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College Offers New Emphasis in Agribusiness

Eastern West Virginia Community & Technical College announces that it will offer courses in Agribusiness during the Fall 2019 semester. The courses will allow for students to earn an Associate in Applied Science in Business Management with an emphasis in Agribusiness.

Classes will begin August 19, and the last day to register for courses is August 16. 

The two Agribusiness courses offered are BUS 230 – Introduction to Agribusiness and BUS 232 – Agribusiness Entrepreneurship. BUS 230 is an introductory course covering various topics in agribusiness including productions, food consumption, marketing and the linkages between agribusiness and other sectors of the economy. BUS 232 will present the process of bringing an agricultural product from conceptualization to market, product service analysis, market research evaluation, ways to finance a startup, operations of the business, and development of a business plan for agricultural products.

For more information call 304-434-8000, toll free 877-982-2322.