Early Childhood Development Student Success: Misty Mongold


Misty Mongold

Degree(s) earned from Eastern and from other schools:

What is something you learned (knowledge, training, skills) during your academic program that you utilize in your workplace and/or current studies?

I didn’t expect to learn as much as I have with my Early Childhood education. It was so much to take in at first. I learned there were so many things about young children that people don’t even know about. It’s helped me with both my work and personal life. I can interact with the children I work with and my own grandchildren in a more knowledgeable way. Now I look at things in a more knowledgeable way before I act on them. It’s equipped me with the knowledge to pause and think about situations before responding. I also use my knowledge to help others understand the circumstances as I see them. Working with different ages has given me knowledge of the various needs at different stages of childhood. It makes me a better person all around.

Please share if courses, faculty, and/or staff at Eastern contributed to your career/educational success and how they helped:

Being with different teachers and seeing their varying teaching styles has given me the opportunity to glean from them and use their skills for my own benefit.

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