Check Presented to Tucker County High School For C.N.A. Dual Enrollment Program

Thomas W.VA. – Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College presented a check of $13,170 to Alex Cork, Principal of Tucker County High School, and pictured are partners, Courtland Acres. Eastern is thankful for this partnership that allows Tucker County high school students to enroll in the Certified Nursing Assistant Program (C.N.A.). These students have enrolled in Tucker County High School’s dual-enrollment program with Eastern to advance progress toward a career pathway in healthcare. The C.N.A. dual-enrollment allows student completers to increase their likelihood of acceptance into Eastern’s Nursing Program. Eastern has partnered with South Branch Career & Technical Center, Hampshire High School, and Tucker County High School on this dual-enrollment initiative. Dr. Megan Webb, Dean of Advancement & Continuing Education, Rob Burns, Director of Non-Profits, and Jennifer Rexroad, Title III Advancement Services Specialist, presented the $13,170 check to strengthen the partnership and further the growth of Tucker County High School’s existing C.N.A Program. “Tucker County High School is tremendously grateful for its partnership with Eastern and Cortland Acres,” said Alex Cork, Principal of Tucker County High School, “With this partnership, and the funds to support it, we will be able to grow our program and help any student overcame any barrier that may prevent them becoming a certified healthcare professional.”

(L-R; Barbara Shahan, staff at Cortland Acres, Nikki Nelson, staff at Cortland Acres, Alex Cork, Principal of Tucker County High School, Dr. Megan Webb, Dean of Advancement and Continuing Education, Jennifer Rexroad, Title III Advancement Services Specialist, and Rob Burns, Director of Non-Profits).

Eastern received the Perkins Reserve Grant, which supports the projects of community and technical colleges that provide students with either dual-enrollment programs, work-based learning for skills needed in workforce areas, or industry-recognized credentials. In response to the growing need for healthcare professionals with multiple skills, the C.N.A. Program is designed to give students a comprehensive suite of administrative and clinical skills. After completing the program, an aspiring healthcare professional would possess the necessary skills to perform multiple tasks in a complex and dynamic healthcare environment. In addition to acquiring multiple healthcare professional skills, students who complete this program would be eligible to sit for multiple National Healthcare Association certification exams. “This grant has afforded a wonderful opportunity to offer dual-enrollment for a much-needed area in health care. The partnership between Tucker County High School and Eastern exemplifies the importance of higher education with positive impacts on student outcomes and a bridge to post-secondary learning,” said Melissa Shockey, Workforce Program Director.